March 30, 2012

To the Editor:

UNH has dramatically cut its support for diversity curricula.  Until now, the 3 Minors--Africana & African American Studies, American Studies, and Race,Culture,Power--have been a home for students  aspiring to think critically about race and ethnicity in both local and international contexts.  These programs took two decades, faculty persistence, and student protests to build; more recently, we secured a full-time paid program coordinator, who was able to recruit and advise students, develop innovative programming, and foster community around these programs.

Two months ago, however, we lost our talented program coordinator to the threat of a layoff; she easily found work with a more supportive institution.  Provost Aber and Dean Fuld have declined to replace this position.  

These programs are crucial. In an age of intense competition, UNH will languish behind peer schools, unless it maintains the most visible and tangible commitment to diversity. Given the evaporation of this commitment to the 3 Minors, which effectively renders them moribund, the Advisory Board has decided to resign.

Let us be clear: we will continue to teach our classes in ethnic literature, history, and culture.  We will continue to inspire, and be inspired by, the many students who remain committed to this course of study.  But we cannot allow UNH to continue touting “inclusive excellence,” while it withdraws material support.


The 3 Minors Advisory Board

7/17/2012 04:09:23 pm

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